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When was Diet Coke Invented?

It’s no secret that the regular Coca-Cola drink or coke contains a lot of calories and sugar. Thus, it’s not the healthiest soft drink out there, no matter how delicious and tasty it might be. So, that’s precisely the reason why it was such a good thing when diet coke was invented, resulting in the wide-spread availability of a much healthier alternative to the regular coke we have all grown to know and love. However, that raises the question: when was diet coke invented exactly?

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The start of diet coke

When Coca-Cola was first brought onto the global market, it quickly became really obvious that it was widely popular among the masses and the founders of the drink, the Coca-Cola Company definitely noticed this. As a result, it didn’t take long for them to start searching for new variants of this popular soft drink and they began to look for a variant that was much lower in calories and didn’t nearly contain as much sugar as regular coke. Well, that’s how diet coke was born.

The Coca-Cola Company first launched diet coke onto the market on August 9th, 1982 with the catchy slogan “Just for the taste of it”, almost 100 years after regular coke was invented. This was the first of many variants of regular coke and immediately became very successful. Namely, several big stars such as Whitney Houston, to name just one example, began to promote diet coke. This brought diet coke under the attention of a lot of people and that’s just one reason why diet coke rose to fame almost instantly.

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At first, this healthier drink was only available in the United States of America, but it was only a matter of time until the rest of the world got the opportunity to get to know diet coke as well. Along the way, many countries started to import diet coke and the rest is history. Since then, diet coke basically was able to achieve the same amount of success as regular coke and has become a regular feature in many households all over the world.

As said, diet coke doesn’t contain any sugar and that’s why it barely contains any calories at all. Instead of sugar, diet coke uses aspartame, which is an artificial sweetener that almost doesn’t generate any calories. Even more so, aspartame has a much sweeter taste than regular sugar and that’s why diet coke still is able to have that very rich and sweet taste, just like regular coke. However, it’s much healthier and that’s by far the biggest advantage of diet coke!

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All in all, diet coke was a huge success and it remains that way even now, almost 40 years after it was first launched. We almost can’t imagine a life without diet coke, just as is the case with regular coke. Since diet coke was invented, the Coca-Cola Company continued to search for new ways to spice up our lives, but the fact remains that diet coke will always be the first variant!