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Which of the Following Statements about Diet Sodas is Accurate?


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The taste of that cool, fizzy diet soda hitting your taste buds on a very hot day is so refreshing to many today who enjoys a good can of diet soda. But, is diet soda all that healthy? Coconut water, carrot juice, and sweet tea are all very healthy drinks great for a relaxing afternoon drink, right? Although when you are looking around for a good drink to have with some good caffeine content in it to keep you awake for the rest of the day, you just may think about reaching for that cold diet soda. Now, there are many things that are surprisingly true about diet soda that many people do not know. But, if you are a big fan of regular soda in general, you can assume just how bad it is for you. Diet soda is so much better for you though, right? Well, not so much.


Even though diet soda is generally recommended by the American Diabetes Association as a somewhat healthy alternative for individuals who need to carefully manage their blood glucose levels, diet soda’s very unhealthy sweeteners do not tend to have the same exact effect on our human bodies as regular sugar does. Several studies that have been done suggest that the ingredients people are using as substitutes for regular sugar may be doing more harm than good to our bodies. This is very dangerous, especially for those out there who tend to drink diet soda like it’s the last drink on planet earth. Many studies have actually connected the sweeteners found in diet soda today to some headaches, assuming they may be triggering the pain.

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Anyway, to simply answer the question of Which of the following statements about diet sodas is accurate, we do know that it is true that after 10 to 20 years, many diet soda drinkers tend to have worse health outcomes than that of regular soda drinkers.


Diet soda may not be really sugary or fattening, but this popular drink is still one of the drinks that may cause terrible breakouts and dry skin. By drying out your skin, diet soda can make you much more susceptible to dark circles and acne. If you are someone who struggles with dry skin or acne, by switching out that diet soda for a refreshing glass of oat milk or water could just do the job just as good.


It was found in a 2006 study, that women who drank diet soda consistently were seen to have lowered bone mineral density than those who had abstained from drinking diet soda. Having low bone mineral density could eventually cause osteoporosis in some, a terrible disease that makes bones very fragile and weak. Go ahead and ditch the diet soda for some good foods like sweet potatoes and spinach, as both will keep your bones very strong and healthy.

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In a certain study that was published by the Canadian Science journal, it was found that the artificial sweetener known as aspartame used in many diet sodas today, minimizes the overall activity of many enzymes found in your gut. This dangerous decrease in enzymes may eventually lead to what is known as metabolic syndrome which can cause heart disease, weight fluctuations, and even death. Drinking diet soda can increase your chances of getting metabolic syndrome by a whopping 30% and can also increase your risk of getting Type 2 diabetes.


For today, diet soda is still “diet” soda and whether you believe this or not, is entirely up to you. It may be a refreshing drink of cool, fizzy deliciousness, but it also comes with many health risks that are real. Your health is very important, and so is what you choose to put into your body. So, the next time you think about grabbing for that diet can of soda, think twice about what harm it can do to your body. Just go for some fresh juice or refreshing water instead.

Diet Tips

How Much Sugar is in Diet Dr Pepper?

Have you ever been curious on how much sugar is in diet Dr Pepper?

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For those who are on a diet, calories, fat and sugar are things to watch out for when eating.

Having the word ‘diet’ on a food product or beverage can make it seem diet-friendly, but you should know better.

The truth is, there’s a way on how you can check the sugar content on a diet drink, especially a diet Dr. Pepper. All you need to do is to buy the product then take a look at its ‘nutrition facts’, which can be found on the label.

For a more in-depth searching you can turn to the web for answers and foods you can add to your diet program.

Step 1. How Many Grams of Sugar are in a Diet Dr Pepper?

The quick answer to this is that a can of diet Dr. Pepper soda will have zero sugar content. Yes, that’s right- it contains no sugar whatsoever!

But here’s one thing you should keep in mind- zero-sugar drinks will most likely have aspartame in them. Though they have zero calories, studies have linked these beverages to pre-diabetes, weight gain and other serious health risks.

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Step 2. How Many Aspartame in a Diet Dr Pepper?

Aspartame is one of the most popular artificial sweeteners that can take the place of sugar. Combined with artificial flavoring, these two can effectively replace sugar, hence the ‘zero sugar’ label.

When you check the label of a diet dr pepper you won’t see just how much aspartame or artificial flavors it has. Other notable ingredients include sodium benzoate as a preservative, caffeine and sodium (60mg or 3 percent of your recommended daily allowance.

Step 3. How Much Calories?

Calories is an important factor when going on a diet, and most people will want to know just how many calories they’re eating or drinking.

It’s worthy to note that a can of dr. pepper diet soda has zero calories and is somewhat similar to water- you can drink as much and it wouldn’t add to your caloric requirements. However, it’s not advisable to drink too much Dr. Pepper as it contains artificial flavoring and chemicals that can add to weight gain.

Step 4. Check for Aspartame Amount

The next logical thing is to see how much aspartame you’re drinking per can of dr pepper diet soda.

The information is not revealed on the nutrition facts and label, but certain websites list the aspartame content of diet dr. pepper as 123 mg, just less than Diet Coke and more than Diet Pepsi.

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If you’re thinking, ‘how much sugar is in diet dr pepper?’ then the answer is that there’s none.

With a sugar content of zero and virtually no calories, you might think that it’s a perfect beverage for diet practitioners.

A closer look at the ingredients list will reveal aspartame, sodium and artificial flavorings as its main component. As such, we’d recommend drinking diet Dr. Pepper in moderation as it can affect your diet and weight loss goals.