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Which of the Following is Not Something an Athlete Needs in a Healthy Diet?

It is well known that various health conditions can cause one to have to change their eating habits. However, many people are not aware of the fact that physically healthy people, such as athletes, need to go through the same process on occasion. The actual nutritional needs can vary due to several different circumstances such as age, starting weight, goals, and the current lifestyle.

how does a food pyramid help individuals eat a healthy diet?

Step away from sports drinks

Sports drinks are commonly marketed towards sports fans and athletes, but they really aren’t the best option available. The average sports drink is filled with tons of sugar that can easily hinder your progress. While you can still consume the drinks, it would be best to limit usage to rare occasions. Examples of the proper time to consume a sports drink include periods of tons of physical activity such as running a marathon. Luckily, there are several substitutes that you can try to replace sports drink with such as water, green tea, and fresh fruit juice.

Say no to soda

It is no secret that soda contains a ton of sugar. It is actually reported that the average serving of soda contains a little over ten teaspoons of sugar, yikes! That is not at all healthy. Many people are of the belief that diet soda is a good compromise in place of regular soda. That really is not the case though. Diet sodas contain artificial sugars. Artifical sugars are widely known to cause intestinal distress and other stomach related issues. A substitute to consider is club soda and even sparkling water.

which of the following is not a characteristic of a healthy diet?

Find an alternative for protein bars

Protein bars commonly deemed to be one of the most convenient and healthy snacks that one can consume. This may be true when compared to cupcakes and candy, but the truth is that the health benefits aren’t that great. One can get more nutritional benefits by snacking on a piece of fresh fruit or even some cashews. Many athletes consume protein bars in hopes of boosting their protein, but that may not be the best idea.

Many people are not aware of the fact that you can actually have too much protein. Too much protein will easily lead to kidney issues and even bone loss in severe cases. It is also of great importance to point out that many protein bar brands use a ton of saturated fat. Saturated fats are one of the leading causes of heart disease and rapid weight gain.

why is variety an important component of a healthy diet

Try to limit your fiber intake

Many people are told by their medical providers to boost their fiber intake for various reasons. It isn’t always the best decision though. It is vital for athletes to limit the fiber that they are consuming as too much can easily lead to stomach distress and other unpleasant stomach issues. Those who are limiting fiber will want to eat foods that are unprocessed rather than complex meals. A great example of this would be to eat oatmeal.


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What is a Soft Diet?

Every diet has a specific purpose. The soft diet, also known as soft foods diet or bland diet consists of a menu of bland, easy to chew and swallow foods that are friendly to the person’s stomach. Therefore, the soft diet seeks to make comfortable the digestive process of the individual.what can i eat on a gi soft dietTo achieve this goal, it’s very common to run the food through blenders and food processors. Typically, the soft diet includes ground, mashed, pureed, and chopped food. Every plate should be well-cooked and if possible covered in sauce to make them as bland as possible.

Why people follow the soft diet?

The reasons for doing a soft diet are often medical. People who had a neck or stomach surgery, and those with teeth or mouth problems, will likely be told to follow this program. The soft diet should be temporary, as it does not provide all the required nutrients in the long term. Medical conditions such as gastroenteritis, diverticulitis, or inflammatory bowel disease can benefit from following the bland diet.

A doctor can also recommend this gentle diet for the digestive system to people who underwent procedures, such as oral or throat surgery, and dental reconstruction. In the same way, the soft diet is useful after any digestive tract pathology like ulcers, diarrhea or vomit.

What to eat during a soft diet?

This diet includes a great variety of options including low-fiber foods and processed carbohydrates. However, every product should be properly prepared in order to be consumed effortlessly by the patient.

The following are popular and healthy choices to eat while in a soft foods diet.

what is mechanical soft diet

Fruits and vegetables

  • Melon, bananas, and peaches. Also cooked or ripe fruits.
  • Fruit juice.
  • Soft vegetables without skin or seeds.
  • Applesauce.


  • Pancakes or waffles moistened in butter or jelly.
  • Bread, cooked cereal, rice.
  • Pasta, noodles, macaroni.


  • Meat, poultry, and fish (chopped into small pieces).
  • Scrambled eggs.
  • Tofu.
  • Moist, slightly mashed beans.

Dairy products

  • Cheese, milk, and milkshakes.
  • Yogurt, frozen yogurt, Ice cream.


  • Gelatin dessert, pudding.
  • Soft, moist cake.
  • Cookies moist in milk or coffee.

What not to eat?

Even though some foods are rich in nutrients, these could be harmful to people with digestive track issues. For example, some fruits and vegetables, such as mangoes and pineapples, are stringy and, therefore, not recommended for this low-fiber diet.

Raw vegetables like broccoli, carrots or cauliflower are hard to mash. Additionally, corn and peas are also out of the soft diet menu.

Likewise, a series of starches are hard to chew and swallow for many people, which leaves them out of the bland diet deck of choices. These foods most popularly include bread with tough crusts, bread with coconut, bagels, and crackers. Other foods like popcorn, nuts, tortilla chips, and dry or tough meats can be difficult to digest too.

what is a soft food diet

Beyond the diet

Being hydrated it’s essential for helping the body recover from a procedure or pathology, so make sure to drink plenty of water. Besides, water keeps digestion going.

Moreover, getting proper rest plus adequate alimentation should be more than enough for patients to recover. The soft diet is a temporary program, individuals should return to their normal activities in a short time.

Always seek professional guidance before following delicate programs like the soft diet.

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Why am I Exhausted on the Keto Diet?

Many people who tried the keto diet have asked, why am I exhausted on the keto diet? To answer this question as consistently as possible, in the next few minutes, it is necessary to explain what is happening to our body during the keto diet.

what to eat before workout on keto diet
what to eat before workout on keto diet

Optimal energy levels in humans are important for day-to-day functioning, such as exercise, daily work, and all other stuff that require strength and energy. Working on day-to-day things becomes much more difficult and tiring if you have low energy levels. It is one of the main reasons why you feel exhausted during the start of your keto diet.

At the beginning of a keto diet, an adjustment period is inevitable. This period is characterized by the fact that the body switches from burning glucose to fatty acids and ketones. The glucose was used as fuel before this process. For each individual, this adjustment/transition period will be different, and it can take up to several weeks before the energy returns to normal. It often happens that after the energy returns, it is at a higher level than before the keto diet.

how many carbs can you have on keto diet

During the adaptation period, the level of carbohydrate oxidation goes down while the level of fat oxidation goes up. That is the main reason why it is not unusual that certain people feel tired. It is because of the low energy level.

Another change in your body that happens when you go on a keto diet is that your body’s glycogen levels change. The body itself starts to consume glycogen stores when you are not eating enough/at all carbohydrates.

Change of glycogen level is responsible for the loss of electrolytes and water, which are extremely important for normal daily functioning

of the body – if your electrolyte and water levels are low, you will experience weakness, sluggishness, fatigue, exhausted and more. Therefore, the keto diet should be approached with the support of knowledge. You need to know what the adaptation period is, why it occurs, and why you feel exhausting. There are a few tips to make the adjustment period easier, and one of them is to eat enough fat. As your body requires more fat intake, which becomes your body’s primary fuel, it is recommended that you bring in as much fat as you can in your diet.

why am i sweating on keto diet

One of the main problems that people face during a keto diet is that after 4 or 5 days, they can notice how muscles are becoming soft, without a pump, straight, how the veins recede, and the like.

The other thing closely related to the previous is that you will feel more tired and your training and other activities can become more difficult for you. You will likely have enough energy during the day as there will be no oscillation in blood glucose, but when you need to move something heavy or to do something hard, the problem may appear. In any case, the human body is smart, so much that if you stay consistent it can adapt to

a carbohydrate-free diet and begin to use fat as an energy source.

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How to Add Fiber to Dogs Diet

Keeping a well-balanced dog diet is key to have a healthy dog with shiny hair. Most dog owners consider that their pets should have a diet only based on meat when they can get benefits from other nutritious food like fiber. The benefits of fiber are overlooked when it comes to dogs, but it is a food that will help to keep the digestive system healthy, regulates the bowel movements, relieves diarrhea and constipation and increases the feeling of fullness.

budwig diet for dogs

If you want to start adding fiber to your dog’s diet but don’t where to start, keep reading to know how to successfully add fiber to your dog’s diet.

Incorporate Vegetables to the dog diet

Certain vegetables are high in fiber like carrots, beets, green beans, and peas. Add them to your dog’s meal but please avoid canned vegetables which are full of sodium. If your dog doesn’t like the flavor of the vegetables you can add chicken broth to make it taste more delicious.

The only canned vegetable that you can add to your dog’s diet is canned pumpkin but unseasoned, add 1/2 teaspoon for small dogs a 1 teaspoon for medium to big size dogs.

Another vegetable that has a delicious taste is the sweet potato, just a medium-size sweet potato contains more than 3gr of fiber. If you want to add it into your dog’s diet peel the sweet potato, chop it into small pieces. Steam them in the microwave until you easily mash it with a fork and add it to your dog’s food.

liquid diet for dogs

Add a Fiber Additive

If your dog is suffering from diarrhea or constipation the best way to help him recover from that disease is by using a fiber additive. Add 1/2 teaspoon for smaller dogs or 2 teaspoons for large dogs. Avoid using it for more than 2 days.

Add Whole Grains

Add a spoon of cooked brown rice, cooked oats or bran flakes to your dog’s food. Look how your dog is reacting to fiber and gradually increase the amount of whole grains.

Incorporate fruits as a treat

Certain fruits like apples and pears have a high content in fiber. They contain a high number of vitamins and minerals that are commonly lacking in your dog’s food. Just make sure to remove the seeds, stem, and core. The seeds of the apple contain cyanide which is dangerous for your dog. Incorporate the fruits to your dog’s diet as a treat.

how to add fiber to dogs diet

Buy High-Fiber Dog Foods

If you want to save some time and avoid cooking vegetables or other high-fiber foods it is best to buy dog food that already contains high-fiber content. Choose a dog food that contains around 6% to 10% of fiber content per serving. More than 10% of fiber content could have negative effects on your dog.

Avoid Overdoing it

Adding too much fiber to your dog’s diet could lead to bloating, farting and excessive weight loss. If you notice that your dog is experiencing those symptoms after eating fiber talk to the veterinarian and consider lowering the amount of fiber you give him.

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What is the Snake Diet?

The snake diet changes everything you thought you knew about nutrition and what the human body could do. This type of diet implies that a person should eat similar to a snake, whose meals consist mainly of fat and protein. Also, the snake eats one big meal and brews for the next 20 hours and eats nothing else. Before embarking on such a diet, you should implement a 48-hour program that will contain the only snake juice in your body.

Snake DietWhat is the snake diet?

Experts say this diet can help you lose 5 pounds in 4 days. Some people lose more weight with this diet, and it depends on the person how much they are ready to change their diet. The snake diet is also promoted as a lifestyle, not just a weight loss regime, and its inventor is Cole Robinson. Of course, the goal of a snake diet is extremely fast weight loss, and the creator of the diet claims that during the fasting period, the body lacks nothing because it consumes the stores stored in fat. This diet is gaining in popularity because it is the only fast diet you do not lose muscle on.

The snake diet takes place in three stages:

  1. The first phase of the snake diet requires a 48-hour fast (or more if you can stand it), then you eat for two hours, extending the no-food period to 72 hours. During this time, you can only drink Snake juice, an electrolyte drink sold online, or you can make it yourself at home. A snake diet means fasting with a snake juice. Snake juice is made from one liter of water, a little Himalayan salt, and a little salt substitute, and it is drunk to cleanse your body of accumulated toxins and to get rid of sugar addiction;
  2. The second phase is fasting for extended periods of 48-96 hours, followed by one meal, and at that stage, it remains until the desired weight is reached. Simple and light meals are advised;
  3. The third phase should be long term – eat at 24-48 hours. Once you’ve reached your target weight, it is recommended an intake of 8,500 calories per week (divided into five meals) for active women and 20,000 calories per week (for three days of diet) for men. It is recommended to test urine values ​​via keto strips as the goal of the program is to bring the body into a state of ketosis, as in ketogenic diets.

snake diet juice recipe


The effectiveness of the snake diet is up to you. How long you can starve, so many pounds you will lose. It means if you want to lose more weight, you have to starve more. It could be extremely dangerous, especially for people with eating disorders or conditions that affect blood sugar control. During this diet, you will probably be weak and exhausted, but you have to be strong. Do not start unless you are physically and psychologically ready for this diet!

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What is The Code Red Diet Plan?

With all these different diets out there and different trends about healthy lifestyles, it is hard to keep up to date. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the vast amount of information out there and to give up all the efforts of following a healthy lifestyle. But if you are struggling with your weight and are looking to reach your goals quickly but efficiently, you might want to consider learning more about the Code Red Diet Plan. If you’ve never heard of it; don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out what is the code red diet plan and how to include it in your lifestyle.

Code Red Diet PlanThe idea behind the plan is simple. The ideator, Cristy Nickles created the plan taking into consideration all the challenges encountered by people willing to lose weight. She knows about how complicated it can be for many to follow complex meal plans or complicated fitness routines.

For this reason, the Code Red Diet Plan is specially created for people wanting to lose weight while keeping things simple. Also, Cristy Nickles noticed that because of our stressful lifestyle, it is hard to find time to go to the gym regularly. This is why the plan is made for people to reach results without having to go to the gym for endless hours each day.

What Is The Code Red Diet Plan? What Do You Have to Follow It?

The Code Red Diet plan is a high-fat low carb diet, with an emphasis on adequate sleep and water intake.

code red diet reviews

The plan is supposed to be followed as a lifestyle and is not design for being just a diet that you’ll abandon after reaching your results.

The Code Red Diet Plan focuses on real food, lots of vegetables, the right amount of meat, eggs and healthy fats. It is all about avoiding turning to shakes, diet pills or diet foods to lose weight.

By sleeping at least 7-8 hours per day, drink at least a gallon of water daily and keeping each meal to a proportion of 60-30-10 of proteins-fats-carbs, you’ll notice great results in little time.

The plan provides a list of foods to avoid, which you should not keep in your house, office or car, to avoid any temptation. Eat plenty of vegetables and ditch fast food or highly processed foods while keeping your carbs intake to a minimum and you’ll have the solution to your fat-loss problem.

christy code red

The Bottom line

With an impressive amount of satisfied clients, this plan is worth following. The great thing about it is that it is easy to follow and that does not require you to buy weird ingredients for your recipes or to kill yourself at the gym. All you have to do is to follow the instructions and the guidelines given on which foods to avoid while focusing on your well being and your overall health.

What are you waiting for? No excuses are accepted. You can start losing weight today, all you have to do is commit to the journey and you won’t regret it!

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How Much Caffeine Is in Diet Dr. Pepper?

Given that Diet Dr Pepper is traditionally considered a healthy alternative to the popular sugary soda, many people may wonder if Diet Dr. Pepper still contains any of the caffeine that regular Dr. Pepper does. So, how much caffeine is in Diet Dr. Pepper? The answer is that Diet Dr Pepper contains the exact same amount of caffeine as a regular Dr. Pepper. The difference between the two lies in their carbohydrate and sugar content.

diet dr pepper

How Much Caffeine Is in Diet Dr. Pepper?

A 12-ounce can of both Diet Dr Pepper and regular Dr. Pepper contains the same amount of caffeine, that being 41mg, or milligrams1. Comparatively, a 12-ounce can of Coca-Cola contains 34mg of caffeine and a 12-ounce can of Diet Coca-Cola contains 46mg2. The amount of caffeine found in any of these options seems fairly low when compared to the average cup of coffee, which can contain up to 140mg of caffeine in just an 8-ounce cup3.

Is It Bad to Consume Caffeine on a Diet?

There are many schools of thought when it comes to the effect of caffeine on weight loss. On one hand, caffeine can boost your metabolism, meaning you’ll process food and calories faster and more efficiently. In fact, many traditional weight loss supplements that you’ll find on the market will contain caffeine as a key ingredient. Studies have shown that caffeine consumption can decrease long-term weight gain4.

diet dr pepper caffeineCaffeine is also widely considered an appetite suppressant. This means that if you consume caffeine, you will be less hungry for a short period afterward. However, consumption of too much caffeine can result in poor sleep patterns, which can mess up your whole system and can also cause sugar cravings in susceptible individuals.

In this case, the positive benefits of caffeine when it comes to weight loss will be overshadowed by the negative effects on your overall health. Still, a small amount of caffeine, such as the amount that is found in a 12-ounce can of Diet Dr Pepper, likely will have no negative consequences as far as weight loss is considered, and may even have some mild positive ones.

What Would Be a Good Caffeine-Free Alternative to Diet Dr Pepper?

how much caffeine in diet dr pepper

There are many great caffeine-dree diet sodas that you can choose from if you wish to avoid the small amount of caffeine that is found in Diet Dr. Pepper. There are caffeine-free varieties of Diet Coca-Cola that you can find at most supermarkets. There are also diet versions of traditionally caffeine-free sodas such as Sprite, Ginger Ale, and Fanta. If you want to avoid the soda altogether, tonic waters and sugar-free carbonated drinks like Le Croix provide the feeling of soda with no sugar, no alternative sweeteners, and, of course, no caffeine.

Of course, the healthiest alternative to any kind of drink when on a diet is water. Proper hydration can do wonders for your metabolism and digestive system and is a must when trying to lose weight. Caffeine is also considered a diuretic, which means that it inhibits the absorption of water in the body. This means that proper hydration is especially important if you are choosing to consume caffeine.

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What Is the Galveston Diet?

Keeping fit and following a healthy lifestyle is not easy. Additionally, when you are looking to lose weight and get rid of extra fat, the process can be challenging and harsh. Luckily, there are several different diets and lifestyles out there that you can try to follow to improve your overall health. But with plenty of information about dieting and being healthy, to find one suitable for your goals and needs might be overwhelming. However, you don’t have to worry as this article will clarify for you a diet that is proven to be extremely effective and beneficial. Let’s tell you What Is the Galveston Diet?

Galveston Diet

We are talking about the Galveston Diet, designed by a woman for women to help them reaching and maintaining their fitness, health and wellness goals with the appropriate fitness training, diet, and healthy habits. Does this sound interesting to you? Keep reading to learn more about the Galveston Diet and what you can do to follow it and benefit from it.

What Is Galveston Diet?

Dr. Haver is the woman behind this innovative but effective diet. It is designed specifically for women in menopause, but everyone can follow it to lose weight, burn fat and feel better and more confident overall.

This diet is created around the consumption of anti-inflammatory foods but is not limited to it. It includes three phases: Intermittent Fasting Elimination of Inflammatory Foods and Fuel Refocus to promote fat loss. But let’s look at each phase more in-depth.

the galveston diet

Intermittent Fasting

Dieting is not only about controlling what you are eating. It should also involve knowing when are the right times to eat what. By changing your eating patterns and decreasing the window you are consuming food, you’ll reduce your daily calorie intake and experience numerous health benefits.

The Avoidance of Anti-Inflammatory Foods

A healthy diet should include foods rich in anti-oxidants but also in anti-inflammatory components, which help to reduce chronic inflammation and promote better overall health.

The Focus On Fueling Your Body With The Right Nutrients

Food is not only essential for the right functioning of our bodies. It also serves as fuel for all the daily activities we perform. This is why we need to make sure our bodies are given the right nutrients. You should make an effort to avoid overly processed foods and sugars, which are detrimental to your health and focus instead of whole, nutritious foods.

Remember that dieting is only part of a weight loss journey and alone will not be sufficient to reach the results you are looking for. It should be combined with appropriate physical activity and some regular doses of training.

galveston diet reviews

How To Get Started

You can take part in the program offered by Dr. Haver, by signing up to her group. You’ll get, among other things instance access to a training routine, a meal plan and a shopping list for your groceries, real-time tips and tricks to reach quicker but effective results and explanatory videos that are supposed to make everything easier for you.

If you are struggling to lose weight, consider following the Galveston diet. Many other women are more than satisfied with the results: what are you waiting for?

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How Not to Diet?

If dieting means starving yourself, eating only salad and excluding various types of food from the menu, you need to review your way of eating. Those who adopt such radical attitudes may even be able to lose weight fast, but will hardly be able to maintain the weight later. Not to mention that these sudden changes bring a bad mood and even harm health. Let’s show How Not to Diet.

How Not to Diet

“It is always best to seek food re-education, reviewing the amount of food consumed and, gradually, adapting to a new way of choosing what you put on the plate”. This method may postpone your final goal a little more, but the result is long-lasting and healthy weight loss. Find out why radical changes only tend to get in the way of your goal.

Removing sweets from the menu

Diet is not a reason to take away chocolate or other food that you love so much. This will only make weight loss a boring and more difficult process. ?”The secret is knowing how to consume the candy in moderation”.

Choose small portions and prefer healthier sweets, like dark chocolate. “Try to consume it after eating protein foods – such as meat, milk and dairy products – so that the sugar-rich candy is not transformed into a fast energy charge and increases the fat deposit.”

how not to die diet

Cut the carbs

Cutting bread, pasta and other carbohydrate sources straight away to lose weight fast is another mistake in the diet. It is true that you cannot exaggerate the consumption of these foods, but neither can you be radical enough to exclude them. “The brain will miss it because it uses carbohydrates as its main source of energy.”

It is necessary to consume all nutrients in an exact proportion, with carbohydrates corresponding between 45 and 60% of the total caloric value of the diet.

Go too long without eating

“If you go three hours without eating, you may experience a decrease in blood glucose, that is, a hypoglycemia”

Not to mention that there is the opposite effect to the desired one: as you spent a long time without consuming anything, the body understands that it is necessary to store food in the form of fat to guarantee energy in times of fasting. That way, your metabolism slows down and you tend to put on more weight. Always try to eat every three hours.

how not to diet the groundbreaking science of healthy, permanent weight loss

Eat only light and diet foods

First, you need to keep an eye on the label: it is not because the food is light or dietary that it actually has a reduced amount of calories. “The reduction may be due to another factor, such as sodium”.

She also recalls that traditional foods can be even healthier, such as brown bread that may have more fiber than light bread. “Fibers are beneficial nutrients for weight loss, because they give more satiety and stimulate the functioning of the intestine”

Salad, salad and … Salad!

“Eating too much healthy food does not mean that you are following a healthy diet correctly”

For everything there is a right amount, because each food provides different nutrients that your body needs. So you need to eat both salad and rice, beans, meats, etc. Always on a balanced diet and in the right amount. Whoever assembles a dish with only vegetables ends up with a lack of other nutrients. The result? Hunger, drowsiness, slow metabolism, loss of muscle mass and other health problems.

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Which Fad Diet Was Developed by Celebrity Doctor Arthur Agatston?

Arthur Agatston, a celebrity doctor specializing in cardiology, is most famous for his role in the creation of the South Beach Diet. The South Beach Diet was one of the most popular fad diets of the early 2000s. It was developed in the mid-90s and popularized in a book, written by Agatston, which was published in 2003. Many celebrities took part in the diet, including former president Bill Clinton.

DietWhat Is the South Beach Diet?

The basic tenants of the South Beach Diet are structured around eating foods that are low on the glycemic index. The glycemic index measures how fast a certain food item makes your blood sugar rise. Foods that are low on the glycemic index will make your blood sugar rise slowly. This means that these foods will provide more sustainable energy as they are metabolized.

When foods provide more sustainable energy, you don’t have to eat as much to get the proper amount of energy to perform your daily routine. When foods are higher on the glycemic index, they will metabolize fairly fast and spike your blood sugar, which results in lulls throughout the day and can lead to habitual binge-eating in order to fill the energy void.

The South Beach Diet distinguishes between good fats and carbohydrates and bad fats and carbohydrates. Good fats are considered polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, sources of which include olive oil and nuts.

Good carbohydrates include whole grains, potatoes, and fruits. You’ll start the diet as a traditional low-carb and high-protein diet, but your recommended carbohydrate intake will increase and your recommended protein intake will decrease as your weight loss progresses.

South Beach Diet

The History of the South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet was developed by Agatston as a specialized diet for his cardiovascular patients. The diet was designed not just for weight loss but to increase overall heart health by lowering cholesterol and blood sugar.

As the progress of the patients was documented and word of mouth spread, the diet began to gain some traction in the area where Agatston practiced, the South Beach neighborhood of Miami, Florida. This culminated in Agatston writing the book that would bring the South Beach Diet into homes across the country.

Keto-friendly South Beach Diet

Popularity peaked for the diet soon after the book was released. Agatston continued to promote the diet and released several follow-up books featuring new exercise routines and dietary advice. Into the early 2010s, the South Beach Diet began to be overshadowed by other fad diets and was eventually lost in the sea of competitors.

In 2015, the nutritional brand Nutrisystem purchased the trademark for the diet and began focusing on ways to repopularize the diet in the modern market. They came up with the idea to rebrand the South Beach Diet as a Keto-friendly alternative diet, fitting in with the already high-protein and low-carb early stages of the diet. The Keto-friendly South Beach Diet launched in 2019 and has seen moderate success, reinvigorating the popular fad diet for a new generation of diet goers.